2001 January – I was earning about $250,000 per month. I did most of the work online by myself. Vicky helped to find free stuff offers for the daily newsletter. I did allot of talking on the phone brokering deals with affiliates to promote my tshirtnews.com web site. A few of my affiliates were large corporations traded on the stock market. I did many conference calls with big time business men. I hired two of my friends to handle mailing the free T-shirts, I mailed about 300 per week. I was paying about $50,000 per month in web hosting and advertising cost. I started a record label called Nuff Nuff Music, and a promotion company. All the music and promotion business was handled by my friends from “back in the days”. It was my way of helping them out. We went Sky Diving.

I told my story to one of my advertisers on the phone, and he told me he booked people on the Oprah and wanted to get me on it. He asked me to make a video about my story. I made the video but decided not to send it. I was doing very well with very little work, I was satisfied and was afraid all the attention would hurt my business. I called the video How I Made My Millions.

We started recording an album for and rap artist called Mo Slim. We did two raves, and I flew Sean Paul in from Jamaica to do to a show. I hung out with him the night before the show. He told us where to go, and we took him club hopping to different clubs in Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood, and a black strip club in Miami. It was interesting to see the way girls acted around Sean. He was cool, he liked my BMW X5 and dreamed of having one in Jamaica, he was not that rich in 2001. The strip club was the most fun, I paid a girl for one dance. When it was done she ask me if I cum, I said “no” she told me she is not going to stop until I cum, and it’s free. I guess she was doing it because she knew I was with Sean Paul. The next song I was about to cum when Sean’s manger said it’s time to go. All the raves and shows we promoted had a good turnout, but we did not make a profit. I was no longer interested in promotions. I focused more on the record label. I went on a trip to Ocho Rios, Jamaica with Vicky, Julie, and my friend Fritz. We had fun.

2001 February – I started remembering how much I hated living in West Palm Beach, it is depressing, and too much drama. I see the same people everywhere I go. I was going to the Palm Beach mall with thousands of dollars to spend and couldn’t find anything I like. My mother, Vicky and I, were was looking at houses to buy. I looked for weeks in West Palm, but I was very afraid of buying a house and settling down with a million dollars in the bank. I wanted to party. The family life was very very scary. Everyone expected me to take custody of Cashe, and raise her with Vicky by my side. I was not ready to take Cashe, and I knew her mother would fight it until her last breath. Cashe was having a hard time with the supervised visitations every other weekend, she missed her mother allot. I also saw that the investigator at child Protection Services was being very hard with Cashe mom, it was a nasty case, lots of Palm Beach drama and personal grievances. Cashe’s step dad had a criminal trial for the abuse, he plead not guilty, the Jury also said not guilty. I did not get involved in their business, I just focused on what is best for Cashe. If I stayed in West Palm to fight Cashe’s mom in court it would take a long time to end, that would not be good for Cashe, she loves her mother allot. I decided to give Cashe back to her mom and take visitation and child support when the state of Florida was satisfied that Cashe’s mother and step dad were ready.


Vicky and I started looking for a place to buy in Miami Beach. In just a few days after looking at many beautiful high rise Condos, I fell in love with the best one of all. The condo I liked was $856,000, it had glass walls and an amazing ocean view. The condo was on the 40th floor, # 4001 at the Blue Diamond building on 41st and Collins Ave. Miami Beach. The building was new, only a few people lived there. Vicky went back to Bulgaria to take her final exams to graduate from school. The Blue Diamond condo I bought came without paint or floors. I hired a company and explained what I wanted. I designed everything with allot of wood, I was inspired by the apartment I stayed in Bulgaria. The condo was 3 bedrooms but I took out one of the bedrooms to open up the space, and I put a bar instead. Cashe had the other bedroom. They said it would cost $97,000 and take at least 6 months.


I woke with Jessica the late the next day. I was amazed how her naked body looked under my sheets, I thought it was a dream. Julie and her Friends were gone back to West Palm Beach. Jessica stayed with me for the next 3 days, her mother came to visit us, she smoked weed, and she was cool. Jessica and I never had sex, she was scared about Vicky coming back to break us up. I was happy just to hang out with her, she was very hot, I was satisfied just to be seen with her. I explained to Jessica about my situation with Vicky, and told her she could be the girlfriend I always wanted, but Vicky did not like the idea. When Vicky returned Jessica tried to be friends with her, but Vicky was very dramatic, and fake. She would pretend to be a friend but give dirty looks on the side. Vicky and I argued about Jessica many times. I was begging Vicky to leave me alone, but she refused. She even suggested that Julie should be my girlfriend. All this drama put a damper on the party spirit. We did allot of ecstasy and weed, but Vicky did not enjoy it when there were other girls around, and she would sometimes make a scene crying and saying suicidal stuff. She did not fell the drugs the right way, and she made it less fun for everyone, with all her drama. I could see that being “the wife” had allot to do with it. I did not have sex with any of the girls I partied with, and I did not expect to. I only had sex with Vicky, and we spent allot of time alone when everybody went back to work and school. We enjoyed doing x and clubbing together. Since I started making $$ in 2000 I have sex with at least 3 escorts per month. The escorts I got were always very fine, and knew what they were doing. I had sex with so many Brazilians I got tired of them. I liked being able to choose what kind of girl I want when I want. Vicky, Julie, and all my friends knew about me calling escorts. I was always anxious to tell the stories about “the girl I ordered last night”.

2001 May – I bought 2 more Yamaha Jet Skis cash, they were faster than the 2 I bought previously. I leased as Ford Expedition to help with the free t-shirts, my personal assistant Brenda and Andre handled the free T-shirts. I went to the clubs with at least 4 girls each time in VIP. I bought(paid cash) Julie a BMW as a gift for being such a great friend over the years, and I remember she always wanted a BMW. I had not planned on it. Brenda was driving us around in West Palm Beach and I asked Julie what she wanted most, she said “a BMW”. I told Brenda to take us to the BMW dealership. None of my family or friends understood the relationship between me and Julie. I made up a story that I bought the BMW for my sister but my sister pissed me off so I gave it to Julie instead. That way there would be less questions as to why I would buy Julie a car. Nobody would believe it was just for friendship. The real problem was there were too many people in my life and my business, but I guess that’s how it is when people know you have $$.

I was hanging out and partying with Vicky, Jessica, Julie and her friends allot. We left Vicky at home a few times, and she slept in Cashe’s room. I always told Vicky I wanted an Asian girlfriend, one night I was out with Vicky and we met 2 Asian girls. We invited them to come home with us. We all went home rolling and getting to know each other. They were Korean students in the University of Miami. Vicky became close friends with one of the girls, her name was Yehn. Vicky and Yehn chatted online and Vicky invited her to eat and go clubbing with us a few times. Yehn and I did not like each other at first, but that changed in time. Yehn and I got closer and Vicky did not like that. Before we were married I explained to Vicky that this is how things would be, she was understanding then, but she was not playing along now. It was as if I never told her anything. I could not take the drama anymore, so I sent Vicky away to visit her sister in Mexico.



2001 June – Yehn started hanging out with me and Julie on the weekends. I did some hardcore partying and shopping with Julie, Yehn, and “the git it up” girls. Me and my entourage easily went thru 40 ecstasy pills and and ounce of crippie weed per weekend, the girls loved it. I bought a new Ford conversion van cash and converted it to look like a limo. All black with black tints and 20 inch chrome rims. I needed this to transport my entourage when going clubbing or on trips out of town. This was a comfortable way for me to go see Cashe in West Palm Beach. It was my Party Van Limo. My assistant Brenda was a small person, but she drove the Van like a pro. The BMW X5 was too small. I did not drive it anymore, I only liked driving my 1966 Buick.

Two of my Jet Skis were stolen from the Manhattan building parking lot on the 3rd floor, it was an inside job. I rented a 5 bedroom house on the Miami Beach Bay closer to South Beach on 36th and Chase Ave, it was $5500 per month. The house was the perfect Party house. It had wide open spaces with marble floors, a swimming pool, and it was on the water with a private fishing dock where I could park my 2 Jet skis. The day I moved into the house someone stole one my Jet Skis from the house dock, the police chased and caught him and I got it back.



I made a room in the house called the Red Room. It had red carpet, red chairs, red lights, a huge red bed that could easily fit 10 people, red walls, red chairs, a big red table and chairs I bought at an artistic junk shop. The tabkle and chairs were carved out of steel and were all shaped like a question mark, it was cool. Everything in the room was red. It was a huge room with 1 window, and I blocked it out. I bought a 73 inch TV for the room with all the bells and whittles surround sound speaker system. I told the salesman at Sound Advice I wanted the biggest TV ever made. The red room was the ultimate after party room. We did not watch the TV much, it was mostly music, drugs, and alcohol in the Red Room.



Vicky returned from Mexico. I told her to live in the apartment I had at the Manhattan building on 71st. I did not want her around all the crazy parties. She would mess up the vibe. I was in love with Vicky and cared for her allot. I wanted to live free and party with no rules, but I did not like to see her hurting. I asked Vicky to leave me many times, but she refused. When we were alone it was always a great time. Even though I partied allot, I spent allot of time with Vicky because everybody else had lives to live and things to do, and in those were the best times for Vicky and I.


2001 July – I was partying in the party house. Julie was now officially my girlfriend. Jessica was with us all the time, she was like my girlfriend but we never had sex. I started having really great sex with Yehn, and she was also my girlfriend. Yehn was a very intelligent girl, we had a great relationship, we talked and laughed allot about things nobody else around us would understand. Yehn was from New York, she was a major drug dealer while living there and had a very interesting past. She was on probation, and it made her life complicated. Yehn was an excellent pianist, that’s what she studied in University Of Miami. She had many awards and won many competitions all her life.

yuna-and-vicky-2.jpg vicky-and-yuna.jpgvicky-1.jpg

Yehn had an amazing ability to give me a hard on anytime she wanted. I think it had to do with her silky skin. Every time we finish having sex, she waits about 20 minutes then starts her magic again. We would have sex for 6 to 8 hours strait. We spent allot of time in Miami Beach hotels because she wanted to keep our sexual relationship a secret. I started getting scared of her in a way. But it was great. All my girlfriends got along with each other. We all partied on drugs half naked together, kissing and rolling in bed and on the floor in the Red Room, but we never had sex together because each girl had a private and separate relationship with me. Vicky did not get along with any of my girlfriends.

2001 August – I started getting more involved in the Record Label, and I started spending more $$ on it. I moved my Record Label from West Palm Beach to the Miami Beach party house. My partner and close friend Daddy Fritz who ran the label took a room. I singed a group called GADA boys. They were my friends from West Palm Beach. They started partying with me. Julie had her own apartment in West Palm Beach, and she came to stay with me at the Party House for a few weeks. I spent the days jet skiing and working online, and the night partying with my entourage of 5 to 10 friends deep. The group would be different depending on what kind of club I went to.

I was now having sex with Julie, Vicky, Yehn, and Aishah. Ashley wanted to have sex with me too, but I was not attracted to her, she liked to watch me have sex with Julie. Julie and Ashley were close, they kissed and hung out with each other allot. I had one crazy night with Julie, Ashley, and Aishah, we were all having oral sex while Ashley watched and played with herself. I video taped it and we watched it with all our party house friends the next day. We were on X, weed, and alcohol, so the video was funny. Julie was saying Aishah’s name so erotic, and I was saying stupid stuff.

Vicky was lonely in the Manhattan building apartment, she left to spend the summer in Bulgaria. My record label artists GADA moved from West Palm Beach to the Manhattan building apartment that Vicky left. While Vicky was having fun clubbing with her friends in Bulgaria, she had a drug overdose of Russian ecstasy and ended up in the hospital getting her stomach pumped. I had a brief relationship with a blonde Russian escort, she was a very soft and sweet girl. She was the only escort I called more than 2 times, we went clubbing together and rolling a few times. I enjoyed her company, and the sex was great.


2001 September – After partying day and night for more than 5 months strait, I was tired. I missed Vicky and I wanted to slow down. I told Vicky I would meet her in Bulgaria and we will travel the world together with one way tickets until my condo is ready at the Blue Diamond. It would be another 2 months or 3 months. On one of my previous trips to Bulgaria I flew over Vienna, Austria and though it looked beautiful. I bought a one way ticket and told Vicky to meet me there. I told Julie to get her passport ready, and she could meet us when she finishes cosmetology school.

Vienna was beautiful, Vicky and I walked thru the city. I loved the old style of all the buildings, but the food was awful. We tried to go shopping but it was too expensive. We wanted to shop in Bulgaria where it was cheap. We booked a one way ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria after a few days in Vienna. We flew to Bulgaria on September 11. We were in the plane when the tragic event happened in America. We heard about it in the taxi on the way to our Hotel. We checked into the Presidential sweet, it was huge. Living room, Two bedrooms and two balconies, marble floors, glass, wood, high speed Internet, and all the works. We watched the 9/11 events unfold on TV. I was happy to be in Bulgaria so far away from the crazy stuff going on in America, the big question was “what’s going to happen next?” and I felt safe where I was. Julie was supposed to fly to meet us in Italy on September 14, but it was not possible.

In Bulgaria Vicky and I went shopping, clubbing, and strip clubs. We tried to order an escort for both of us but none would not come because Vicky was Bulgarian. We had a ball. We also had an argument about me looking at other girls. I wanted to leave Vicky in Bulgaria because she would not “get with the program”. I was very serous, so her dad flew to Sofia to talk to us about it, Vicky did the translation and we worked it out somehow.

We bought one way tickets to Munich, Germany, our next stop. All the nice hotels in Munich were booked, there was a convention in town. We stayed in a very small room, and it was not cheap. It was very cold, the women were ugly, and there was sex everywhere. So many brothels, sex shops, and a sex mall. I felt sick there, my skin crawled, it was too much sex. We bought one way tickets to London. London was cold. We went out to the country side to have dinner and see a movie. It was nice. I do not like cold, and at this time of the year everywhere I wanted to go was cold. I told Julie to meet us in Jamaica.

Since Julie and I have been dating there has not been a chance for us to sit down and a have a serious talk about the 3 way relationship. I rented a three bedroom Villa on the Beach in Ocho Rios for 1 week. We had our own maid, swimming pool, and private beach. This was the first time Vicky, Julie, and I were alone for such a long time. We talked everyday. Vicky and Julie had a few private conversations about the relationship. I wanted them to come to terms and stop all the drama. I told them I would not choose one of them, and if they did not like it they could leave. Neither Vicky or Julie wanted to leave the relationship, so that was that. I had a great time at the Villa. Julie and I tried to have sex in the ocean at night, but the waves were too rough. Julie and Vicky took tans and had fun in the sun together, but they still had an little underlying drama, like always.

2001 October – Before September 11 my online business was slowly declining, but 9/11 accelerated the pace. The record label was also having problems. I had invested allot of money into the record label, and I did not want to loose that business. I enjoyed making music with the artists, and I had high hopes of making millions in the music business. I went back to Florida to handle my business, and I finally moved into my Blue Diamond condo. I asked Vicky to stay at the Party House on chase avenue. It was no longer a party house since I left to Europe. It was mostly music business and easy living. My mother and Cashe was there allot. And I played pool there with my record label mates. The master bedroom was all bamboo, with a bamboo bed, bamboo chairs and table, and a bamboo balcony. I spent allot of money decorating that room when I moved into the Party House. It was Vicky’s room now. Julie was finished with school and ready to find a Salon Job in Miami.

2001 November – Living at the Blue Diamond was mind blowing. I started furniture shopping. I was spending allot of money, it was fun. Julie and Vicky spent allot of time with me there, Julie had to drive from West Palm Beach allot so she stayed with me for days at a time. I wanted to live alone, so when Julie got a Job I rented her an apartment in Bal Harbor close to her job. I started partying allot with Vicky, Julie, Yehn, and GADA.


2001 December – Yehn introduced us to a drug called “K”. It is cat tranquilizer (Katamine) in powder form, we sniffed it. “K” was allot of fun, it’s a party drug, not very addictive. We locked ourselves in a closet to be in small dark space, then did two huge lines of “K” while rolling on ecstasy to go to a place called the “K” whole. It was a very deep and intense mental high, I enjoyed doing “K” in the Blue Diamond allot. After doing allot of “K” it made me stop drinking, smoking, or drugs for days at a time. I was still making allot of money, but business was not booming like before. I started working harder online. I started some new web sites. We exchanged gifts for Christmas, but I did not have allot of $$ to spend on gifts. I had allot off bills. I was now taking care of allot of people. I was living like a King at the Blue Diamond.